City Hosts 2nd Legal Forum

City Hosts 2nd Legal Forum

Published: May 23, 2012 (Issue # 1709)

More than 2,000 delegates from 51 countries took part in the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum held in the city last week.

Ministers of justice from 13 countries, including the U.S., U.K., China, Ireland, Poland and the CIS countries participated in the second annual forum.

Participants discussed the world’s new legal challenges including the realization of an open government, police effectiveness, legal ethics and more.

“This year we focused on the interests of consumers: Contacts, connections and different areas of legal practice,” Russia’s Justice Minister Alexander Konovalov said. “We did our best to pave the way for practical discussions, but at the same time did not ignore conceptual problems,” Konovalov said.

British Secretary of State for Justice Kenneth Clarke said he was satisfied with the progress currently being made in the Russian legal system.

“This forum indicates that the Russian government intends to follow the rule of law, providing court reforms and increasing reliability in the justice system,” Clarke said.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said “the U.S. wants to see Russia strong and prosperous” because both countries need “to achieve common goals.”

“Russia and the U.S. found a way to work as partners… Together we do our best to provide the world with security,” Holder said at the opening session of the forum.

“Today Russia is not only the biggest country in the world and a nuclear player but it’s also a member of the G8, G20 and will soon enter the WTO…therefore Russia’s security, wealth and national health will have a direct influence on progress,” Holder said.

Holder said Russian and American leaders work “hand in hand” while both countries face many common threats such as international terrorism, child trafficking and the theft of intellectual property.

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