Cocktail “Matryoshka magic” – vodka, honey and ginger

Cocktail “Matryoshka magic” – vodka, honey and ginger

Published: 29 July, 2011, 18:49

Prime Recipe,
Prime Time Russia,
Anna Fedorova,
Neil Harvey

While Russia is hoping to boost tourism in the country, RT’s mixologist boosts his repertoire of cocktails.

29.07, 18:48

Russia must maximise its tourism potential – Putin

The country is so hungry for tourists it is going to spend $3 billion to attract them.

29.07, 21:03

Heat makes Muscovites swim through the air – expat

Moscow’s unbearable heatwave and lenient anti-smoking policies as well as Russia’s initiative to give economic criminals the chance to pay fines instead of serving prison sentences have grabbed the attention of Moscow-based expats this week.

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