Communists accuse United Russia of breach of financing rules

The Communist Party said on Thursday that the ruling United Russia party and Premier Vladimir Putin’s All Russian People’s Front (ARPF) are in breach of regulations governing the financing of parliamentary election primaries campaigns.

The Communist Party asked the country’s Prosecutor General’s Office to carry out checks.

Vadim Solovyov, the head of the Communists Party’s department of law, said pre-election campaigns must be financed from an account specially opened for this purpose and not from a fund for political party support.

“In line with the law, a political party must open only one account for the financing of election campaigns,” Solovyov said. “United Russia will be financing its primaries from funds for the party’s support, which is a clear violation of laws on political parties.”

Andrei Vorobyov, the head of the United Russia executive committee, earlier said that his party would spend some 36 million rubles (roughly $1.3 million) from the party’s support fund.

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