Confirmed: Egypt forces fire live ammo on protesters

There are confirmed reports Egyptian police have been using live ammunition to disperse protesters from Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Meanwhile, Egypt’s Supreme Council has been forced to consider the future of the current regime.

­However, the Egyptian Military Council is unwilling to accept the resignation of the Cabinet until a new prime minister has been formally appointed.  

The Council is currently holding emergency talks with political groups to deal with the volatile situation in the country amid speculation that the former head of the Atomic Energy Agency, Mohammed El Baradei, could head the new Cabinet.

RT’s Paula Slier, who is at the epicenter of the protests in Cairo, reports that there are many more people on Tahrir Square today than at this time on Monday, and the mood of the demonstrators is also far more  restive than before.

Photo by google+ user Omar Elkalla


It is a lot harder to walk around or even near the square as security has been stepped up, with marshals checking passports and other ID. But clashes are continuing in the side streets as army tries to flush out protesters from the square.

People are chanting “Down with the Marshal!” – a reference to Mohammed Tantawi, the head of Egypt’s ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

Disorder has also flared in the northern Egyptian city of Alexandria, where police fired teargas at protesters trying to storm the Security Forces building.

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