Contradictions between Libyan rebels were to emerge-lawmaker

MOSCOW, August 9 (Itar-Tass) — Contradictions in the movement of Libyan rebels were to emerge sooner or later, since it has never been close-knit, said on Tuesday chairman of the State Duma International Affairs Committee Konstantin Kosachev in an interview with Itar-Tass.

Earlier, the mass media reported rising differences between rebels, that flared up after the murder of the chief of the General Staff of the rebel army Abdul Fattah Younes under shady circumstances late in July. The general was called from the frontline for an interrogation to the headquarters of the opposition movement in Benghazi.

On Tuesday, head of the opposition Libyan Interim National Council Mustafa Abdul Jalil sacked the government of rebels.

“The movement of rebels has never been homogeneous. The resistance movement is amorphous, unsteady and multilateral,” Kosachev noted, adding that contradictions were to exacerbate sooner or later. According to the legislator, rebels set the task only to topple the present regime, but they have no “creative programme”.

“This is natural and quite predictable, but doesn’t permit in any way to draw more definite conclusions now on how the situation will develop. It can be quite different as before,” the committee head claimed. Therefore, “it seems to me as inappropriate the factor of foreign interference, being realized by NATO countries”.

Kosachev stressed at the same time that the operating regime of Muammar Gaddafi “has no future”. “It deprived itself of legitimacy when started using massive military force against its own people,” the lawmaker noted.

However, in the parliamentarian’s opinion, the process of transition to democracy should pass tests and trials, should be won by Libyan people; this is their destiny and decisions”. “If this power comes, backed by foreign bayonets, it will be as dubious in its legitimacy as the present one,” he concluded.

Incidentally, the Canadian Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday all Libyan diplomats, still staying in the country, as personae non grata and demanded that they should leave the country within five days. According to Kosachev, “this move is quite understandable” and is called upon “to show illegitimacy of the Gaddafi regime as well as to express support for the resistance”.

“This is a form of opposition. Some render military aid. Some defreeze Gaddafi’s deposits in favour of rebels. These are the links of the same chain,” he claimed.

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