Cops high on duty

On the morning of May 10, 19 year old Nicholas Hill decided to bake some brownies. But these weren’t going to be just any regular brownies; Hill decided to add a special ingredient: marijuana.

Unfortunately the baking party came to a screeching halt when Houston police officers showed up at Hill’s apartment. One of Hill’s neighbors caught a whiff of the dope and contacted law enforcement.

Once inside Hill’s apartment, the cops found marijuana and immediately placed Hill and two others under arrest for drug possession — but the fun didn’t end there.

“The other cop came into the bedroom with a tray of brownies and immediately assumed there was pot or something in it and asked, ‘let me guess what’s in this,’” Hill told an ABC affiliate in Houston.

The brownies weren’t the only thing getting baked that night.

According to Hill the three cops ate his magic brownies.

Normally one would assume that the 19 year old was just trying to get back at the officers with false accusations, but after an investigation by the local media, they uncovered cops bragging about their higher state of being. And that’s not all that surfaced.

“We just got 5lb of marijuana and a ton of other crap,” one officer typed to another on their in-car computers at 1:29am.

Moments later the officers went downtown to book Hill and turn in the “evidence,” somehow they lost three and a half pounds of the illegal substance confiscated from Hill.

Poof, gone just like that.

The three cops continued.

“‘So high’ – spaced out, h-i-g-h,” said Hill’s attorney, Daniel Cahill, reading from the report log.

The city keeps a log of these messages.

Hill’s lawyers got a hold of the messages and are now seeking legal justice for their client.

“What we are talking about is destruction of evidence. That’s a felony,” said Cahill to the media.

Now, the three officers are under internal police investigation.

“We are potential talking about police officers driving around the city of Houston high on drugs conducting official police business. It’s a pretty big deal,” Cahill went on to say.

The District Attorney’s office won’t comment on the case, but here are some more excerpts of the intense chat conversation that night.

“So HIGH!” “Good munchies” wrote one cop to another. Reassuringly, the first writes back, “Everything should be open when we get done.”

The cops continue to patrol the streets and Hill is due back in court next week.

The HPD will conclude their investigation in March.

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