Counter suits over failed Lady Gaga show

US promoters and a Russian Media Company have clashed in Miami court over who is to pay for a failed Lady Gaga gig in Moscow.

Russian UTV Media Company claims New Wave Entertainment is responsible for the loss of $1.8 million over the US pop star’s cancelled show.

Now the American company has filed a counter-claim saying that UTV broke the terms of the contract. The US promoters are refusing to return the insurance deposit made by UTV and pay compensation for the losses. The Americans imply that UTV had gone directly to Lady Gaga’s producers directly, which was strictly forbidden.

Russian UTV signed New Wave Entertainment to book the American pop star Lady Gaga to perform in Moscow in June 2011, where she was to headline the MUZ-TV awards ceremony.

New Wave Entertainment failed to organize the show on the requested date, which apparently cost UTV $1.8 million. UTV claims the American promoters failed to book Lady Gaga, despite receiving a $1.5 million advance payment and $300,000 agency fee.

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