Court Closes Shop over Cannabis Logo Goods

A court in Tula Region, central Russia, has closed two stores for selling smoking pipes, rings and earrings with a cannabis leaf logo, the regional court administration’s Olga Dyachuk said on Friday.

Police in the town of Bogoroditsk found 182 items with a cannabis leaf logo in a raid on July 20 including fashion jewelry. Another store was found selling pipes with similar logos.

“According to experts’ conclusions, each of these items was found to have an image of a cannabis leaf on them, and these products therefore can instigate an interest in and support for narcotics, and also form a favorable attitude to taking narcotic substances,” Dyachuk told RIA Novosti.

The court found the store owners guilty of breaking Russian laws against “propaganda or illegal advertising of narcotic substances pyschotropic drugs or their precursors.”


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