Culture minister steps in over Taganka Theater spat

Russian Culture Minister Alexander Avdeyev on Tuesday called on actors from Moscow’s Taganka Theater to make peace with director Yury Lyubimov after a conflict over pay.

Lyubimov, 93, said he was considering leaving the theater he has headed for nearly half a century after a dispute over pay erupted during a tour of the Czech Republic.

“We regret the fact that such a situation took place. This does not derogate his [Lyubimov’s] importance for the world culture…it’ll be very sad if he leaves,” the culture minister said.

“I want that this conflict to come to an end,” he added.

The actors also demanded that Lyubimov quit as the theater’s managing director and remain only as its artistic director.

Deputy head of the Moscow culture department, Andrei Porvatov, said Lyubimov has officially asked to leave his post from July 15.

“He handed in his resignation application, but we have not seen it yet. We will consider it tomorrow,” Porvatov said.

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