Dancing dialogue

Her dance is architecture in space. The leading light of Russian ballet, Diana Vishneva, has showed off her flight of fancy during the world premiere of her one-act performance at the Mariinsky Theater.

­The star of Sleeping Beauty, Giselle and Swan Lake, just to name a few, the Mariinsky’s darling managed to engage the public into the Dialogue in no time, floating across one of the world’s best stages in St. Petersburg in her beautiful cherry dress.

Balancing on her toes, breaking conventions, striving for perfection on a high emotional pitch, one of Russia’s most versatile ballet dancers, Vishneva has demonstrated the flexibility of her body and soul, dancing her partner “to the end of love”.

 In the Dialogue, Vishneva shared the stage with the soloist of the Hamburg Ballet, the charming 28-year-old Brazilian dancer Thiago Bordin.

Diana Vishneva in Dialogue (RIA Novosti / Alexey Danichev)

­The performance, choreographed by the notable American dancer, chief choreographer at the Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier, captured Vishneva taking another high leap in her career.

Her performances are booked months in advance. The brunette beauty has a multitude of awards and has worked with some of the world’s best choreographers and dancers from around the globe.

The prima ballerina of the Mariinsky Theater made a name for herself as a dancer who has broken new ground in ballet.

Hailed as the leading dancer of her generation, the 35-year-old artist has danced an impressive repertoire from both classical ballet and contemporary dance.

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