Details of Putin’s Inaugural Ceremony

Vladimir Putin on May 7 will once again become president of Russia after an hour-long inauguration. RIA Novosti takes a closer look at the official ceremony.

After having previously served two consecutive four-year terms of office, this time Vladimir Putin will serve a six-year term.

The ceremony takes place in and around three Kremlin halls. The actual inauguration passes fairly quickly. The symbols of presidential power – the standard, the president’s official badge and a special copy of the Constitution usually kept in the presidential library between inaugurations – await the future head of state.

The ceremony will begin with an honor guard bringing in the symbols of the presidential office.

Putin will recite a brief oath on a red-bound copy of the Russian Constitution vowing to serve his country.

A 30-gun salute will be fired from the Kremlin embankment to mark Putin’s inauguration.

Six Russian TV channels will be broadcasting the solemn inauguration ceremony live. The broadcast will start at 11:00 a.m. Moscow time [07:00 GMT].

The ceremony will cost 26 million rubles ($878,400); 1,000 guests including state deputies, ministers, presidential administrators, governors, cultural figures, political scientists, media representatives and diplomats will attend it.

According to the presidential administration’s website, guests will enjoy various gourmet items and locally produced vodka, wine and champagne at the inaugural reception.

The Chairman of the Kremlin’s Heraldic Council, Georgy Vilinbakhov, said a rehearsal of the inaugural ceremony is unlikely, but Putin is the person to make the final decision. “I do not expect such a rehearsal… but if Putin says so it will be held.”

He said the official protocol requires that all of the guests of the ceremony wear dark formal suits.

Vilinbakhov said the inaugural ceremony has never seriously changed since its introduction. “Everything will be held in the same sequence, in the same regime, in the same halls.”

Russia’s major national channels will show special programs devoted to Vladimir Putin. First Channel will invite political scientists, sociologists and cultural activists in its studio. They will summarize the results of Putin’s work and share their expectations of his new term as Russia’s president.


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