Disabled British veterans plan to conquer Everest after North Pole success

The Walking with the Wounded charity, whose members recently conquered the North Pole, plans to send a new expedition to Everest, the group’s founder Simon Daglish said on Tuesday.

The expedition, whose patron is HRH Prince Harry, entered the record books as the first team of unsupported war-wounded amputees to reach the Geographical North Pole.

The expedition started from the Russian Barneo Arctic base in early April and covered some 320 kilometers (199 miles.) The 26-year-old prince joined the team for several days. They reached the North Pole three days early, despite a three-day delay at the start of the expedition.

“I’m absolutely thrilled that the guys have made it – what an awesome achievement,” Prince Harry said. “They should be incredibly proud of this world record, as we are proud of them.”

“I took part in only a small section of the trek but know full well how physically demanding it was. The spirit and determination of these lads is second to none,” the prince added.

Harry did not specify whether he will take part in the journey to Everest but hinted that he may like to travel with the veterans again.

The expedition members said they had to battle extreme weather conditions with temperatures of minus 38 degrees Celsius (minus 36 Fahrenheit) and brisk winds, which did not prevent them from flying the Union Flag and opening a bottle of champagne to toast the Queen on the North Pole.

LONDON, April 26 (RIA Novosti)

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