Discovering “Another Earth”

As a festival of American films kicked off in Moscow, RT caught up with director Mike Cahill, who has brought the sci-fi movie “Another Earth” to Russian screens.

Cahill says his film is a hybrid of drama, thriller and romance – with a deep psychological context.

“In this film, we will come across the exact copy of our world with all 6.3 billion of us living up there,” Cahill told RT. “You can sit down and have a conversation with yourself. The movie also has a certain mysterious twist in it. We don’t have all the answers at the beginning. The idea is if you could confront yourself, what would you feel about that person? Would you like or dislike that person? It comes from a deep human yearning. We want to connect, and connection comes from empathy. With another you who lived all your experiences you would not be so alone.”

The director confessed that the cosmic plot was inspired by his childhood passion for space.

“I’ve been obsessed with space since I was a kid,” Cahill told RT. “And I was trying to answer that question: are we alone in the universe? Scientists today suggest that there has to be a parallel universe, that there’s a multiverse.”

Read more about the festival and its program at the event’s website (available in Russian and English).

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