Driver Hospitalized After Crash at Moscow Raceway

VOLOKOLAMSK, Russia, June 9 (R-Sport) – A driver was hospitalized after a high-speed crash at the Moscow Raceway in Russia on Sunday.

During a Russian national touring car championship race, Stanislav Minsky’s Seat Leon failed to slow sufficiently into the final corner, and collided with his rival Viktor Kozankov.

Minsky’s car then smashed into a tire wall at around 120 kilometers per hour, and the impact crushed the front and back of the car.

Two ambulances rushed to the scene and rescuers spent around 10 minutes getting Minsky out of the wreck. Kazankov walked away, seemingly unhurt.

Medics appeared to provide emergency treatment to Minsky beside the stricken car before placing him on a stretcher and driving him away in an ambulance. The extent of Minsky’s injuries were unclear.

The Moscow Raceway opened last year and is equipped with dedicated medical facilities.

Sunday’s race was a support event for round six of the World Touring Car Championship, which is paying its first visit to the Russian capital.

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