Dummy mummies singing live

Be afraid, be very afraid! A spectacle spookier than Hollywood’s action adventure “The Mummy,” and scarier than its sequel, “The Mummy Returns” – get ready for the strange and sinister Singing Mummies…

­What sounds like another spin-off to the famous Hollywood action movie is in reality a quirky exhibition which has just opened at a Russian art gallery.

The eerie art installation is set in a long corridor haunted by an army of life-size mummies hanging from the ceiling, filling the space with quiet mumbling.

The endless corridor, relieved by some merciful “light at the end of the tunnel,” is being seen as a metaphor for the posthumous wandering of the soul. It is also the venue where the “world of the dead” has the chance to meet with the “world of the living.”    

The installation can be viewed the Necropolis Museum on Lenin Avenue in Tula, some 200 kilometers from the Russian capital.

The museum opened its doors in 1998, inspired by professor of theology and archpriest  Rostislav Lozinsky, who made his name as one of the key cultural explorers of ancient cemeteries. Since then, it has been captivating audiences with a penchant for “extreme art”.

Earlier this year, the Necropolis Museum organized a series of night excursions around  one of the city’s cemeteries where a number of famous artists, merchants, gun-makers and other key figures are buried.

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