Dung-ho art sets the ball rolling

How big is the biggest beetle? A dung beetle created by an artist from Kazakhstan is “only” several meters high.

­It took Moldakul Narymbetov almost two months to finish his sculpture made from… car tires.

The quirky art object on display in the Russian culture hub, the city of Perm, features a giant beetle rolling a four-meter-tall ball created from used car tires.

Narymbetov’s monstrous dung beetle has become a symbol of modern civilization. The idea to create the huge sculpture came out of the blue when the 63-year-old artist came across a tiny beetle rolling a huge ball before itself on the steppe of Kazakhstan.   

He was quoted as saying that our modern civilization currently keeps itself busy with recycling ancient cultural values, rather than creating the new ones.

The unconventional artist has his signature style from which he does not swerve. He prefers to use unusual materials and stand-out techniques to stun avant-garde art lovers. As a result of his philosophy, his creations come to be eco-friendly and inspiring without costing an arm and a leg.

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