Enlarged Moscow City to see metro lines extension.

11/7 Tass 422

GORKI, Moscow region, July 11 (Itar-Tass) — Transport element of the plan for Moscow City’s enlargement envisions construction of a metro line to the district of Skolkovo where the Russian government is building a national version of the Silicon Valley, as well as construction of two new railway terminals and the express tramway lines.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Moscow region Governor Boris Gromov on Monday submitted comprehensive proposals on the enlargement of Moscow City to the Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev.

“In the sphere of rapid transit systems development, we propose construction of a new metro line that will reach out to Skolkovo, an extension of the existing line from the Yugo-Zapadnaya /Southwest/ station to the district of Troparyovo and further on to Rumyantsevo, and an extension of the line from Southern Butovo to the township of Kommunarka,” the materials appended to the plan say.

Railway terminals will be built at the Moscow-Kursk line and the Moscow-Kiev line.

The Moscow-Kiev and Moscow-Smolensk railways, which link Moscow to the destinations as important as central and western Ukraine and Belarus, will get a connection line.

The one-track suburban train line leading to the town of Usovo west off Moscow will be modernized and extended.

“The plan presupposes construction of express tramway lines that will mostly be built latitude-wise to provide for convenient transport communications and to create a system of transition junctions, which will offer transitions between suburban transport and city transport routes.”

On the whole, Moscow transport system will change from the radial-circular principle to the orthogonal one, thus relieving the city’s historical downtown areas of the burden of transit traffic.

A total of three chord traffic routes will be formed within today’s boundaries of Moscow and the MKAD will undergo a reconstruction to minimize transit traffic.

Reconstruction plans also embrace the roads crossing the main radial federal motorways leading towards Moscow from all parts of the region.

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