Entering the fantasy world of Cirque du Soleil

Color, fantasy, and the magic of human transformations. A display of the best Cirque Du Soleil costumes has opened in Moscow offering to meet those inspiring characters from the famous Canadian circus Company all over again.

Costumes, photographs, and audio-visual documents invite visitors to step into the creative space behind Cirque du Soleil shows at Moscow’s Ekaterina Culture Foundation. The display uncovers the secrets of the fantasy world so successfully created over the 27 year long history of the great Circus Company. 25 characters were carefully chosen out of some 3000 costumes to represent each of the Circus’s 25 shows.

The display explores how every detail is created, showing the hard work of dozens of Cirque’s craftsmen, who inspired the creation of images that one can never forget.

The display examines the true art of costume-making. Mysterious creatures from our dreams take their shapes through sophisticated fabrics. Silk, lycra, velvet, and leather come from regions around the globe, including China, the United States, Italy, France, England and Canada. Some unusual materials can be seen in accessories and the finishing touches of the costumes. Horse hair, metal, emu feathers, styrofoam, fun fur, springs and much more. Wigs, shoes, lace, cloaks and makeup all crafted by hand make the fantasy creatures come alive before our eyes.

The exhibition will be at Moscow’s Ekaterina Culture Foundation through May 2

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