Escape black holes and tame lightning in Moscow

If you think that “science” and “fun” are two words that do not go together, then there is a museum in Moscow that aims to prove you wrong.

Such aims seem pretty reasonable when you consider that you can make your own cloud there, tame a lightning bolt, and even avoid falling into a black hole.

Located in the north of Moscow, the brand new venue is called “Experimentanium”. As its name suggests, it is all about experimental science. No wonder its rule number one reads: “Touch everything you see.”

The museum hosts a whole universe of scientific fun for people of all ages. While kids virtually go wild, adults too can unleash their inner child, discovering or re-discovering how the world around us works.

For example, there is a table and chair which are twice as big as the ones people normally have at home. They give visitors a hint on how they sawfurniture when they were three years old.

Visitors can also experiment and play with more than 200 hands-on displays and brain teasers. There are optical illusions to test sight, special gadgets to explore the way the human body works and how the eye interprets light and color to form pictures we can see.

Both children and adults can have fun building an arched bridge without a single nail, spotting variations in temperature in their bodies with the help of infra-red imaging, using a couple of coins to observe how planets move and how black holes pull things in. There is even a block and tackle system designed for shifting heavy loads that can lift you into the air.

So if you are a science buff, “Experimentarium” is the place to be – on the other hand if you found science lessons at school a dreadful experience, the new museum is still your chance to see how science makes you tick.

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