EU Urges Non-US Vassals to Adopt Anti-Russia Sanctions

How did Europe celebrate the second anniversary of Crimea’s referendum to rejoin Russia, also known as “the second Holocaust”? Oh, with the usual antics:

The European Union called on Friday for more countries to impose sanctions on Russia over its annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula two years ago, but the Kremlin said Crimea was Russian land and its status non-negotiable.

In layman’s terms, Europe’s tongue is dry and brittle from licking Washington’s boots every day for the last two years, and the EU would really appreciate some help! Come on, world:


Canada has bravely answered the call by promising its large Ukrainian immigrant population that it will never, ever lift sanctions against Russia, and will actually add more Russian names to its Canadian blacklist.

But let us return to Europe for a moment:

In a statement issued on the anniversary of the formal absorption of Crimea into Russia, the 28-nation EU said it was very worried about Moscow’s military build-up in the region.

Despite repeated and very polite warnings, Russia continues to put its country next to NATO military bases. It’s time for all non-US vassals to do their part and sabotage their own economies in an attempt to spite Russia.

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