Europeans Forget That They Are Christian, but the Terrorists Don’t

The Islamists bombed the airport in Brussels on March 22nd. On March 23rd, Spanish nationalists threw smoke grenades at the largest mosque in Madrid.

The current religious conflicts were forecast in the anti-utopian novel  “The Mosque of Notre Dame” in 2005. Back then the writer was accused of intolerance and fueling anti-Muslim feelings. 

Here’s what she says today about the causes of the current ‘clash of civilizations’ and whether Europe will experience a civil war.



Why has the terror attack happened now? On March 27th, Christians will celebrate Easter. Europeans may forget they are Christians, but the militants remember.

After World War II, the West, frightened by Nazism, tried to defend itself from attempts to revive it. For decades, remembering the atrocities of war, politicians meant well with policies of tolerance. But when carried to the extreme, a virtue becomes a vice, as we now see in Europe.

The second problem is de-Christianization. Religion cemented Europe for centuries, but today official EU documents are devoid of references to the Christian foundation of European civilization. But if one religion leaves Europe, another replaces it. In this case, it’s Islam. 

According to jihadi ideology, any land where a Muslim stands belongs to him. Quite recently by historical standards, in 1664, the troops of the Ottoman sultan attempted to conquer Vienna. In 732 , after having captured Spain Arabs headed to the heart of Europe. The ruler of France  Charles Martel managed to resist them in the Battle of Poitiers  – less than 300 km from Paris.   

Today, it’s happening again, with one difference: unarmed Europeans are not ready for another clash of civilizations. The Christian world’s elites have betrayed their peoples.

What will happen next in Europe? The civil war between the newcomers and European patriots it not yet on the table but one can sense growing dissatisfaction among traditional Catholics and secular nationalists. We must hope Europe not descend into a bloody conflict but the only way to avoid this is to review European policy. 

The European right is no longer marginal, if we compare the founder of the National Front, Jean-Marie Le Pen 40 years ago, to the respected position  of his daughter and current head of the party Marine Le Pen. 

As for me, I watch ironically the very people who blamed the author of the book “The Mosque of Notre Dame” for all manner of offenses, suddenly making speeches that echo my ideas.  

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