Exclases Russia Orders Five AW139 Helicopters

MOSCOW, May 16 (RIA Novosti) – Helicopter distributor Exclases Russia has ordered five AW139 helicopters from HeliVert, a Russian Helicopters and AgustaWestland joint venture, in a deal signed on Thursday, Russian Helicopters said in a statement.

The company did not specify the value of the deal or say when the aircraft would be delivered.

The contract, which includes a mix of VIP and utility-configured helicopters, follows an initial contract signed between HeliVert and Exclases Russia for Russian-built AW139 helicopters which includes an AW139 to be delivered in June, the company said.

Exclases is the exclusive distributor of AgustaWestland helicopters in Russia. The helicopters will be assembled at the HeliVert plant in Tomilino near Moscow.

“This purchase further expands the presence of the AW139 model in Russia where over 20 have been ordered so far and almost 50 across the CIS countries,” Russian Helicopters said.

The AW139 medium multirole helicopter is the first Western design to be built under license in Russia.

The AW139 has a maximum cruise speed of 306 km/h (195 mph), maximum range in excess of 927 km (586 mile), and maximum flight time of five hours.

The helicopter is configured for one or two pilots and can carry up to 15 passengers or six to eight passengers in VIP/corporate transport configuration.

Production of AW139 helicopters in Russia began in 2012. Up to 15-20 helicopters are to be assembled annually under the joint venture deal.


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