Expensive BMW painted in purple in central Russia for wrong parking

VELIKY NOVGOROD, October 10 (RIA Novosti) – House painters in Russia’s central city of Veliky Novgorod avenged a driver of a wrong-parked expensive BMW by painting his silver-colored car into purple.

A witness said that an unknown driver parked on Sunday his BMW on one of the central streets of the city near a building, where house painters were working. The parked car occupied a considerable part of the sidewalk posing inconvenience for pedestrians and obstructing work of house painters.

At first, the house painters tried asking the residents of the house, who was the owner of the car, but after getting no information they used their paint rollers to apply purple color on the vehicle and wrote a swear-word on the rear window.

The car remained this way all day on Sunday and by the late evening disappeared.

A spokesman for the city police said there were no complaints concerning inflicted damages on the car.

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