Famous Ballerina Ekaterina Maximova has passed away!

April 28, 2009

Dmitry Medvedev expressed his condolences to relatives and friends of ballerina Ekaterina Maximova on her death.

The President expressed his condolences to Tatiana Maximova, the mother of Ekaterina Maximova, and to her husband Vladimir Vasiliev, as well as to those who worked with her at the Bolshoi Theatre.

In his message the head of state said, in particular:

“You have lost someone very close and dear, and Russian art has lost a great ballerina, one whose rare, multi-faceted gifts have been rightly described as belonging to world culture. With her brilliant choreography and extraordinary beauty and grace, she literally charmed the audience, and astonished them with the power and delicacy of her performances.

Ekaterina Maximova is no longer with us, but she leaves us a very rich artistic heritage and her students, and we will cherish the memory of her.”

The People’s Artist of USSR Ekaterina Maximova died at the age of 70.

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