Fire alert: vandals terrorize VIP cars owners

Moscow police have arrested two men for attempting to set fire to a luxury car.

Police caught the pair pouring gas over a Nissan Patrol 4×4.

Evidence has connected the two men to several other recent incidents. Over the last week in Moscow, a total of 11 cars were destroyed by fire. At least six have been confirmed as acts of arson.

Both of the men, it turned out, have prior convictions.

This is not the first rampage against luxury cars in the Russian capital. This past June, vandals smashed numerous luxury cars at a VIP parking lot in central Moscow. They used stones, metal bars and even homemade bombs.

CTTV cameras recorded about 10 youths running away from the scene. Fingers have been pointed at an anarchist group, but the youngsters denied the accusations.

The anarchists in question are members of the Earth Liberation Front, which on an affiliated website claims to serve “as a source of inspiration in a society that values monetary wealth over the health of people, animals and the planet.”

Basically, the group is a decentralized cell of “eco-terrorists” who engage in “economic sabotage and guerrilla warfare to stop the exploitation and destruction of the environment.”

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