Fires In Russia…

Fires in Russia...

The month long heat-wave being experienced in Russia has caused destructive forest fires that have burnt down hundreds of homes in central parts of the country. There have been reports of casualties in several regions.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and the head of the Emergencies Ministry, Sergey Shoigu, are in the region of Nizhny Novgorod, one of the worst hit areas.

Specialist aircraft have been deployed there to battle wildfires.

Strong winds have been fanning the flames, forcing villages, summer camps and hospitals to be evacuated.

Over 600 hectares of forest have caught fire across the country this week, and that looks likely to increase in the coming days.

Vladimir Markin from the Prosecutor’s Office says the officials’ handling of the situation will be investigated.

“Because forest fires have spread and killed people, destroyed and damaged buildings, the Central Investigation Committee at the Russian Prosecutor’s Office has instructed the heads of local investigation departments to assess the actions, or lack of action, of officials, which have resulted in such serious consequences,” he said. “Upon the result of these inspections, decisions will be made according to the Russian Criminal Procedure Code,” he added.

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