For Women of Russia Party Registered by Justice Ministry

The political party For Women of Russia, which has an estimated  100,000 members, has been registered by Russian Justice Ministry, the Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily said on Wednesday.

In Russia, where currently only about ten parties are officially registered, a new law simplifying registration procedures for new political parties came into force in April, allowing a radically reduced number of members required for registration 80 times  – from 40,000 to 500 people.

The For Women of Russia party aims to “revive the family and, through the family, to revive the spirituality of Russia” held a founding congress over a month ago.  For a number of years the organization has been functioning as a party but was not able to participate in elections.

Its leader, Galina Khavraeva, has said previously that the representatives of the For Women of Russia party work together with the other parliamentary parties: the Communist Party, United Russia and Just Russia, and at the same time are ready to cooperate with other political forces.

“We are not feminists, it is not a women’s party, our party is peoples, 50 percent of party members are men who are at the same time the heads of regional offices,” Khavraeva said.


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