Former General/Current Scumbag David Petraeus Says Putin Trying to Recreate Russian Empire

“Retired” (as in “resigned in shame”) General David Petraeus, who once ruled over a real-life empire which spans the entire globe, has accused Vladimir Putin of attempting to re-establish the Russian empire. Is there any irony left in the world, or has Petraeus leaked it all to his biographer-girlfriend? 

CNN might be able to answer this rhetorical question: 

“Russia’s recent military escalation in Syria is a further reminder that when the U.S. does not take the initiative, others will fill the vacuum, often in ways that are harmful to our interest,” Petraeus said.

Russian moves in Syria are designed to bolster and hold on to their naval base and airstrip along the Mediterranean coast of Syria, and shore up the al-Assad regime in order to preserve Russian influence in the Middle East, Petraeus said.

“I think that what Vladimir Putin would like to do is resurrect the Russian empire,” he said.

Yes, a civil war which has killed approximately 250,000 people is “in our interests.” And if the western-funded terror gripping Syria were to somehow tragically end, it would be “harmful to our interests.” Ergo, Putin is trying to “resurrect the Russian empire.” Any questions? 

It’s not surprising that such bold statements have squirmed out from the mouth-hole of a man who militarized the CIA and created “the unblinking eye” which hovers, missiles ready, over Afghanistan to the present day. 

A fitting legacy for a scumbag adulterer who wants to firebomb Iraq and Syria. Let’s just hope Putin doesn’t ruin all the good work he’s done! 

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