Former Metro boss may have taken fast-track to personal wealth

Moscow authorities suspect the ex-boss of the Moscow Metro of abuse of power during his 15-year reign over the underground.

Dmitry Gaev may have been exploiting his position for personal gain at a cost of nearly $4 million to the city, an Investigative Committee spokesperson said.

Allegedly, Gaev patented the system involving the use of electronic ticketing machines, and then sold the rights for the invention to the Metro, thus receiving a considerable sum as a reward.

If his guilt is proven, Gaev could face up to four years in prison.

The committee spokesperson said that Gaev’s scheme was exposed during a pre-investigation check-up. She added that the suspect did not come to any of the interrogations he was invited to due to being ill.

The former Metro boss has declined to comment on the matter. His lawyer said that as long as no charges have been brought against Gaev, his client has nothing to worry about.

“We both read about the case in the newspapers,” the lawyer said. “So far, my client has not received any notifications from the court, so there’s nothing to comment on”

In February 2011, Gaev resigned, following claims that many costly violations had occurred under his watch. His position went to Ivan Besedin, head of Kaliningrad Railways and a former deputy minister of transportation.

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