Four Containers with Superjet Victims Brought to Jakarta

A helicopter has brought four containers with remains of people killed in Wednesday’s Sukhoi Superjet 100 air crash to Jakarta, an Indonesian Emergencies Ministry spokesman said on Saturday.

The spokesman said the bodies have been sent to a military hospital, adding that a second helicopter with bodies was on its way to the Indonesian capital.

Relatives of those killed are waiting for containers in the waiting room.

The Russian-built aircraft had already carried out one flight earlier on Wednesday, when it slammed into a steep mountainside in Indonesia during its second flight. All 45 people on board – mostly representatives of Indonesian airlines – were killed.

Leading aviation figures investigating the crash said on Friday the Sukhoi Superjet airliner had experienced no technical problems and its flight was in full compliance with international rules.

On Thursday, Russia’s acting Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said experts believe “human factor” was the most probable cause of the fatal crash of the aircraft.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry has sent two Ilyushin Il-76TD aircraft to Indonesia to assist the rescue efforts.

The crash was the first ever accident involving a Sukhoi Superjet. The type has only recently gone into production, and the first aircraft entered service in 2011 with Armenia’s Armavia and Russia’s Aeroflot.

The Superjet, which was developed jointly with Italy’s Alenia Aeronautica, and uses engines and sub-systems from a range of European and American manufacturers, is designed as a short-haul airliner to replace the Soviet-era Yak-42 and An-24 airliners.


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