French Police Detain Russians for Brawling on Plane

A Russian couple took part in a drunken brawl with French police on board a Brazil-bound plane in Paris, a local newspaper said.

A 30-year-old man and his female companion, aged 28, boarded the business class section of flight AF 442 in Charles de Gaulle Airport, the Le Dauphine Libere daily said on Wednesday.

The duo was drunk and started making “violent speeches and aggressive gestures” upon boarding, the report said, citing sources at the airport.

The chief pilot asked them to leave the plane before the takeoff but they refused. He then called the border police and when they tried to extract the Russians from the plane, the duo fought back, delivering several blows to the officers.

One officer was punched in the face, while another got six days sick leave over unspecified injuries, an airport source said.

Both Russians, whose names were withheld, were detained and placed in custody.

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