Funeral held of man whose death triggered UK riots

The funeral has been held in London of the man whose death triggered a wave of violent riots across the UK. Father-of-four Mark Duggan was shot dead during a police operation back in August.

The Wood Green area of North London was in mourning today as the funeral of Mark Duggan took place. The funeral was attended by around a thousand people – far too many to fit inside the small church.

Hardly any police were patrolling the area, no riot gear or vans were to be seen. This is a community that has a deep mistrust of the police. This mistrust was only intensified by the shooting of Mark Duggan.

There is an enquiry under way into what happened to cause his death, but there have been no results so far.

This funeral is an important turning point. People are still asking what actually happened. They also want to know where the minicab driver is who was supposed to be driving Duggan at the time he was shot. He has not appeared in the public eye at all. People here are not sure if he was even questioned by the police.

The atmosphere in this region of London is quite tense. People are worried about the effect of the police on their community. This community is not very welcoming to the media either. RT correspondents were given a hard time when they went to the estate where Duggan and his family lived.

The funeral was a very quiet and respectful affair and that is how this community would like to keep it. But they still want to know what happened to a member of their neighborhood, why was he shot by the police, and what were the events that lead to his death?

However, those questions have not been answered.

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