Gaddafi defies UN resolution

Libya refuses to recognize a UN Security Council resolution on a ceasefire and closure of parts of the country’s airspace.

The decision came in response to the ongoing UN-mandated military operation against the regime of Col. Muammar Gaddafi being carried out by France, the US, Britain and several other western nations.  Tripoli also said it was pulling out from joint programs with the EU on dealing with illegal migration and demanded an emergency meeting by the UN Security Council 

The international military operation was launched on Saturday evening with French war jets knocking out four tanks belonging to forces loyal to Gaddafi. US and British ships in the Mediterranean later fired about 100 Tomahawk missiles at Libyan air defense positions.

In Tripoli, the state-run television  reported  numerous coalition airstrikes on civilian facilities in big cities. Many roads, hospitals and airports have reportedly been damaged  and 48 people killed by allied strikes.

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