Gamer Stabs Mom to Death

Gamer Stabs Mom to Death

Published: June 13, 2012 (Issue # 1712)

A local 17-year-old gamer killed his mother for disturbing him while he was playing a shooter game on his computer last Friday. After stabbing his mother four times with a large kitchen knife, the teenager went back to playing his game.

The boy, identified only as Maxim, did not stop playing even once police and an ambulance arrived, Fontanka reported.

When policemen asked him why he had killed his mother, the teenager replied that he did it because she “was bothering him.”

On June 8, the gamer’s mother, Olga Abramova, reportedly entered her son’s room and demanded he stop playing his game. The young man did not react, so she switched off the computer, made her son leave the room and suggested he do some chores around the house. She then locked herself in the room with the computer.

A few minutes later, the teenager took a large knife from the kitchen, kicked open the door to the room and stabbed his mother four times in the chest. He then proceeded to switch the computer back on and continue playing his game. The boy’s sick grandmother witnessed the scene, but could not do anything because of her condition.

Abramova then crawled to the kitchen, called a neighbor and dragged herself to the door to let her in. The neighbor then called another neighbor for help, as well as the police and an ambulance. Despite their efforts, the mother died as a result of her injuries, Fontanka reported.

The police who arrived at the scene reportedly had to use physical force to pull the boy away from his computer. He was arrested and is being charged of murder.

The Abramov family did not reportedly have a history of social problems; the young man had a stepfather and worked part-time at McDonald’s. Maxim was, however, prosecuted for theft at 15 years old for stealing from a store. Later he skipped classes and was detained several times for petty theft, Fontanka reported.

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