Gang trafficking drugs to Russia busted by police from 3 states

Law enforcers from Belarus, Russia and Lithuania have apprehended an international criminal group trafficking drugs to Russia, a spokesman for the Belarusian Interior Ministry said on Thursday.

“The group had been under surveillance by officers of the Belarusian Interior Ministry’s anti-drug and human trafficking department since summer. The information they obtained was sent to the Lithuanian criminal police and Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service,” the spokesman said.

The arrests were made in Belarus and Russia. First, a Lithuanian national was detained on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border with a total of 33.6 kg of hashish, 9.7 kg of amphetamines and 7.1 kg of marijuana in his truck.

Then the organizers of the drug route, two Russians and a Lithuanian who were to receive the drug batch, were detained in Western Russia’s Smolensk Region.

The detainees were charged with drug trafficking in Russia and Belarus.

Efforts to establish drug suppliers in Belgium and The Netherlands are currently underway in Lithuania.

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