Gbagbo holed up in home bunker

Ivory Coast’s former president, Laurent Gbagbo is currently holed up in bunker negotiating his exit from power.

Forces loyal to the new internationally recognised president Alassane Ouattara closed in on the bunker but pulled back from a final assault.

Laurent Gbagbo still has a small but fierce army which has been involved in fighting with the other side.

After a day of heavy fighting on Wednesday at Mr Gbagbo’s residence in Abidjan, from where he has refused to leave, there has been a pause in the fighting to allow for negotiations.

Pro-Ouattara forces have apparently been told to take Mr Gbagbo alive.

Meanwhile Mr Gbagbo has been interviewed on a radio programme where he said he would not accept he had lost the presidential vote.

Mr Gbagbo told France’s LCI news channel: “I do not recognise the victory of Ouattara.”

He said he would be prepared to die rather than quit the presidency.

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