Georgia not against Russia’s WTO membership

PARIS, August 29 (Itar-Tass) — Georgia “is absolutely not against Russia’s entry into the World Trade Organisation,” Georgian Economics Minister Vera Kobalia told the French La Tribune financial newspaper.

“It is fully possible to reach an agreement at bilateral Georgian-Russian negotiations in Switzerland,” she stressed. “Russia’s WTO membership will be even advantageous for Georgia,” the minister added, meaning the settlement of other problems existing in relations between the two countries.

Talks between Russian and Georgian delegations on Russia’s WTO membership will be held in Switzerland on September 12 with the mediation of the Swiss Foreign Ministry. According to preliminary information, the sides will discuss a package agreement on the removal of obstacles from Georgia for Russia’s entry into the World Trade Organisation.

“However, like any other country joining that organisation, Russia will be obliged in the future to observe its rules and norms,” she continued, adding that this means “customs control recognized at the international level, in particular by the European Union and the USA, must be ensured on the Georgian-Russian border”.

“These are economic demands, by no means political. Goods carried across the border must be controlled, like this is done, for example, on the border between Finland and Russia,” the Georgian economics minister stressed.


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