German Titov’s memorial museum complex opens in Altai

GORNO-ALTAISK, August 6 (Itar-Tass) —— Restored memorial museum complex of cosmonaut number two German Titov opens on Saturday after reconstruction at his native place – the Polkovnikovo settlement of the Altai Territory.

The opening ceremony will feature his colleagues Boris Volynov and Viktor Gorbatko, and Titov’s widow Tamara and their daughters Tatyana and Galina.

The re-opening of the museum was scheduled to coincide with the Year of Space, which Russia declared for 2011, and with the 50th anniversary of his space flight on August 6-7, 1961. Titov then made an orbit flight on board Vostok-2, making 17 spins around the Earth and covering over 700,000 kilometres.

The key of the exposition are the space spacesuit and a model of the spacecraft Vostok-2. Visitors will be able to read documents of the flight, see rare photographs, telegrams, newspaper materials from Russian and foreign press. The renovated museum complex’ visitors will learn not only interesting facts from German Titov’s life, his friendship with Yuri Gagarin, but also much interesting, which relates Altai with the space. For example, they will learn that the first woman cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova landed precisely on the ground of Altai – in the Baevsk district.

The complex comprises two buildings: a Memorial – school, where German Titov studied, and modern one. There are exhibition halls, storage facilities, a stage and offices there.

On the opening day of the museum complex in Polkovnikovo, there will be a big celebration with fireworks and an air show.


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