GLONASS equipment for social purposes to be produced in Krasnoyarsk

KRASNOYARSK, August 10 (Itar-Tass) — Russia’s GLONASS equipment for social purposes will be produced at Krasnoyarsk’s Radiosvyaz enterprise. The agreement on cooperation signed on Wednesday by the enterprise and the territorial ministry of informatization and communications will enable attracting Krasnoyarsk’s leading designers to the implementation of state-private projects on the basis of IT technologies.

First of all, the agreement dwells upon the development of the regional system of monitoring on the basis of the GLONASS technology, a source at the ministry told Itar-Tass.

“The enterprise in Krasnoyarsk will produce equipment, including that with satellite communications means, so that a dispatcher could control passenger traffic in the districts, where cell communication is not working, and so that a driver had an option to contact a dispatcher in an emergency situation,” the source said. “Russia does not have analogues of this equipment as yet.”

“Before the yearend, 3,105 vehicles in the Krasnoyarsk Territory will be equipped with the GLONASS/GPS systems, including 100 ambulance cars, 641 school buses, Krasnoyarsk’ s 1,763 public transport’s vehicles, and 601 commuter bus,” the ministry said. “Further on, the territory will continue installing the equipment in school buses, ambulance cars, commuter buses, small aircraft, river vessels and road repairing vehicles.”

The equipment will improve the quality and safety of transport, will let ambulance cars to arrive quicker, it will control the use of fuel and vehicles.

The GLONASS’ coverage in the Krasnoyarsk Territory is unprecedented already now – dispatchers control round the clock the area of over one million square metres, which is the best rate throughout Russia.

The Radiosvyaz enterprise has been working for over 60 years in design and production of ground stations for satellite and troposphere communication, and of radio navigating complexes. The enterprise designed and produced several generations of stations, which provide global communication for the Armed Forces, made stations for the country’s first system of military satellite communication.

Main consumers of the products are the Russian Federation’s law enforcement and defence related state agencies, as well as the Rostechnologii state-run corporation.

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