Govt to consider Russian Post corporatisation plans in September

MOSCOW, August 6 (Itar-Tass) — The Russian will consider plans for reorganisation of Russian Post into a joint stock company in September.

“As far as I know, the question of Russian Post’s corporatisation will be submitted to the government in September. Further steps will depend on the government’s schedule of work on this matter,” Russian Post Director-General Alexander Kiselev said.

He said the Ministry of Mass Communications’ forecast, according to which the decision on the reorganisation of Russian Post into a joint stock company will not be made before 2012, was dictated by the State Duma’s schedule.

“Given the Duma elections, all this in fact moves to 2012,” Kiselev said, adding that the matter has to be studied by the government first.

He said that all of the draft laws required from his company had already been approved by the Federal Communications Agency and were now being studied by the Ministry of Mass Communications, which has submitted them to other interested agencies for examination.

“Two thousand twelve as a year when all the necessary laws have to be adopted the process set in motion is quite realistic a date, I think,” Kiselev said.

Reorganisation of the Russian Post into a joint stock company is needed for creating a national postal bank and upgrading the company.

Russian Post is a founding member of the Universal Postal Union created in 1874. In 1902, the Main Postal Service was made part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and it became part of the Ministry of Post and Telegraph in 1917 under the Provisional Government.

In 1993, Russian Post became a part of the Ministry of Communications and in 2002 its status changed from a government ministry to a unitary enterprise as part of the reform of federal postal communication agencies. The company is headquartered in Moscow.

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