Graffiti gurus decorate Moscow pavements with 3-D images

Aspiring graffiti artists have flocked to Moscow to attend a street-painting festival in Luzhniki Park.

Known as “Madonnari-fest”, it revolves around creating 3-D images with chalk on street pavements.

It is the first time that Moscow has hosted an event of this kind and Russian Madonnari gurus will give masterclasses to aspiring street-painters in the park.

Tomorrow is the last day though, so catch a cab at lunch time and take a stroll in Luzhniki.

In recent years, a great interest in graffiti has sprung up among the capital’s youth.

There is, for example, a district in north Moscow that offers a true visual feast for passers-by. Four years ago, 12 houses there were covered with graffiti, as part of a project aimed at making art easily accessible to everyone.

With the help of fantasy, fairytales and cartoons, the Soviet-era suburban apartment blocks have been transformed into a larger-than-life open-air art gallery.

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