Greek PM Papandreou survives vote

The fate of the Greek government has been in the balance, facing a knife-edge confidence vote. But the results of the vote show that some scraps of trust in Greece’s PM still remain.

Papandreou won with 153 votes in the 300-member parliament, according to the Associated Press.­

Before the crucial vote, Papandreou addressed the parliament, urging a government of national unity and advocating the debt deal struck with eurozone leaders. In his speech, he asked for a vote of confidence in the current cabinet to ensure the country remains stable.

Papandreou has promised to start immediate power-sharing talks to form a caretaker government. He is to speak to the president on Saturday, to discuss the possibility of forming such a government.

“I intend to start negotiations with all parties about forming a government of broad cooperation,” Papandreou said. ”On Saturday I will visit the Greek president to inform him about the decision to start negotiations on a coalition government.”

Papandreou also said that elections would be held immediately after the country’s financial situation is “normalized.”

Earlier, George Papandreou had alienated many of his supporters over plans for a bailout referendum, which he later cancelled.

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