Green apple martini – RT’s cocktails

Green apple martini – RT’s cocktails

Published: 19 August, 2011, 21:41

Green martini (photo from

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Prime Recipe,
Prime Time Russia,
Anya Fedorova,
Neil Harvey

Although RT’s barman and alchemist Bek Narzi often behaves a bit bananas, this time he has gone all apples in bringing us another of his tasty beverages.

Today: 21:38

Carbon credits give excuse to pollute more – expat

Sberbank’s selling of carbon credits and a proposal to raise the drinking age in Russia caught the attention of Moscow-based expats this week.

Today: 21:49

Driver uses remote control to switch tunnel’s traffic lights

A video has gone viral of a Moscow driver apparently able to turn traffic lights from red to green using a remote control.

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