Groom Arrested for Debt at Wedding

Agents from the bailiff service raided a wedding service in Blagoveshchensk and arrested the groom over debts totaling 400,000 rubles ($13,500), a spokesperson for the regional bailiff’s service said.

The man owed money on a number of loans – including a loan a friend had given him to repay debts – as well as a debt to the pension fund. The man had eluded the bailiffs for some time: he did not live at his registered home and ignored their calls.

The bailiff service acquired the right to pursue and detain debtors and transfer them to the police under a law signed by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev last year.

The bailiffs informed the man that as soon as he took possession of property he had inherited, it would be seized to pay the debt.

After completing the discussion, the man was returned to his wedding.

He paid all his debts three days later.


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