Hearts Lithuanian owner tired of football

Lithuanian businessman, Vladimir Romanov, who owns Scottish league side Hearts, says he’s considering selling the club.

­“I haven’t lost my interest in the club but I have for football,” Romanov told Hearts’ official website. “By the law of the ‘free world’ it is not enough to do good deeds – you have to also pay to advertise them in the press and then it’s possible to carry out crimes without any consequences.”

“The problem is that I refuse to pay the monkeys for advertisements as someone has to resist their domination in sport and in culture, the economy and history. That’s why I now have to consider finding a partner or selling the club,” he added.

Hearts have a huge a debt of around £36 million, with Ukio Banko Investment Group, which is controlled by Romanov, being one of its main creditors.

“There is only one solution left – to turn our attention to the products of our football academy in the hope that this situation will at some point and somehow improve by itself,” the businessman said.

The 64-year-old confessed he is now more interested in basketball than football. Romanov also owns Zalgiris Kaunas basketball club in his homeland of Lithuania. 

“I now have another outlet where I can fulfill my ambitions in sport,” he stressed.

Heart of Midlothian Football Club or simply Hearts currently occupy fifth position in Scottish Premier League, being 19 points behind leading Glasgow Rangers.

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