Historama, August 1

The launch of the largest Soviet radio station and the historic battle that inspired the construction of Moscow’s most beautiful monastery made this day in Russian history.

­USSR’s alternative to BBC starts broadcasting

On this day in 1964, one of the USSR’s largest radio stations, “Mayak,” started broadcasting.

Radio Mayak, or “Lighthouse,” was created as a counterbalance to Western broadcasters, such as Voice of America, BBC and Deutsche Welle.

It played light music and broadcast news on a 24-hour basis, which was a novelty for Soviet listeners.

The frequency of Mayak overlapped with foreign stations and blocked them. Once the jamming stopped with Perestroik, Mayak proved a popular alternative to Western broadcasters.

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­Historic battle inspires Moscow’s most beautiful monastery

Russia’s Prince Vasily III won a historic victory on this day in 1514.

After a two-week siege, he entered the town of Smolensk in western Russia, which had been controlled by Lithuania for more than a century prior to that.

The annexation of the rich and well-developed Smolensk region was an important step in the consolidation of Russian territories around Moscow.

To celebrate the victory Vasily III founded the Novodevichy – or New Maidens’ – Monastery.

Novodevichy Monastery’s panorama

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