Historama, August 17

The start of Russia’s worst-ever economic recession and the Soviet ship that became the first atomic icebreaker to reach the North Pole made this day in Russian history.

­Start of Russia’s 1998 default

This day in 1998 marked the start of Russia’s financial crisis.

The default was triggered by a decline in world commodity prices. This meant that countries dependent on raw material exports faced a severe economic dip.

Raw materials accounted for 80 percent of Russia’s exports, and as a result the country was among the hardest hit.

The Russian Federation bounced back from the crisis fast, however, as world oil prices rose rapidly the following year.

­First atomic icebreaker reaches North Pole

Today in 1977, the Soviet ship “Arctica” became the first atomic icebreaker to reach the North Pole.

The icebreaker had a crew of over 200 and covered more than 2,500 miles in seven days.

The crew celebrated its arrival by planting a 10-meter-high Soviet flag into the ice.

The ship continued to be used for over 30 years until being taken out of service in 2008.

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