Historama, August 24

Double terrorist attack on Russian planes and Ukraine’s Independence Day are discussed in tonight’s Historama.

Terrorists blow up two planes at once

On this day in 2004, two passenger airplanes crashed after leaving Moscow, killing 90.

The domestic flights were blown up by two Chechen terrorists.

Both airplanes took off from Domodedovo Airport about one hour apart: one was heading to Sochi, the other to Volgograd.

All passengers and crew members aboard were killed.

It is still unclear whether the women from Grozny were suicide bombers. There are suggestions there was a timing mechanism attached to the explosives.

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Independent Ukraine turns 19

Today in 1991 Ukraine announced its independence from the Soviet Union.

Previously, it was called the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

After becoming independent, the country was ruled by the Ukrainian constitution and laws.

In 1992, August 24 became a national holiday in Ukraine.

This year, Independent Ukraine turns 19.

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