Historama, March 14

A woman who witnessed the birth of modern Russia and a historic cup of coffee that radically changed Moscow’s outlook are recalled in tonight’s Historama.

First lady of modern Russia

Naina Yeltsina, wife of Russia’s first president, was born on this day in 1932.

Naina met Boris Yeltsin when they were students. Their friends had to arrange the couple’s wedding, as Yeltsin had no money.

Naina supported her husband throughout his career – from construction worker all the way up to president, as well as after his surprise resignation from the top post.

She still leads an active life, devoting herself to charity.

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Moscow Metro – Stalin’s cup of coffee

The circle line of the Moscow underground was completed today in 1954.

Initially, there was no talk of laying it, but the traffic overload made evident the need for the circle line.

As legend has it, when Joseph Stalin saw the underground plan, he gazed at it for a while, and then put his cup on the center of Moscow. His coffee left a ring on the paper.

Since then all maps have the circle line marked in brown.

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