Historama, October 19

First peace negotiations in Russian history and barricades all over Moscow are remembered in tonight’s Historama.

Russian princes talk peace for the first time

On this day in 1097 the first congress of Russian princes was held in the town of Lyubech, in modern Ukraine.

The aim of the congress was to avert perpetual warfare among the leaders.

Under the direction of Great Prince Vladimir Monomakh, it was agreed to divide the country into appendage principalities.

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The princes agreed that each would hold their own paternal land and let their families inherit them.

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Moscow barricaded

On this day in 1941, Moscow officially declared a standoff.

It was the first year of the Great Patriotic War (World War II) and the Germans were attempting to capture the capital.

Citizens were prohibited from being on the streets from midnight to 5 a.m. Anti-tank construction dotted the city and entrances to main streets was possible only by going through barricades. Hundreds of thousands of Muscovites took part in building the fortifications.

The Nazis never fought their way into Moscow though: they drove as close as 25 kilometers but were pushed back.

­Russian princes divide country – and get conquered

Today saw the first congress of Russian princes way back in 1097.

The meeting was called to bring an end to the continual wars. As a result, the princes agreed to divide the country into a patchwork of princedoms.

This stopped some of the internal conflict, but it ultimately weakened the nation as a whole against the coming Mongol invasion.

­USSR and Japan restore diplomatic relations after WWII

On this day in 1956, the USSR and Japan signed a joint declaration restoring diplomatic relations between the countries.

It also stated that the Soviet Union would give Japan two of the Kuril Islands once there was a peace treaty between the countries.

Such a peace treaty has never been signed. Instead, in 1960, Japan signed a defense agreement with the US and the USSR canceling all previous obligations.

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